Dual VR Conditioner Board V2.0

The dual VR board V2.0 is no longer available. It has been replaced by the V2.1 board.


Dual VR v2.0 Board

This is a small board with surface mount components that is sold fully assembled. It has two VR differential inputs, two 0-5V square wave outputs, and a 12V/ground connections for the power supply. The board has its own power supply and can be installed within the ECU case. It can also be mounted in a small box with short pigtail wiring (shielded wires for the inputs and outputs) and potted.

The thread discussing the board can be found here.

Dual VR v2.0 Populated Board

This is the fully populated board. The 2 mounting holes can be used to mount the board inside the ECU case. The solder pads on each side of the board are for connecting wires as shown below.

Dual VR v2.0 Connections

The board can be provided potted in its own small box with pigtails. The picture below shows a close up of the box and the potted board. The picture further down shows the potted board and the pigtails. The wires for the inputs and outputs are shielded and the shield is grounded at the board so doesn't need to be grounded elsewhere. The wire color for each function is indicated in the picture above (the wire color for the inputs and outputs is for the wires inside the shield and the gray outer layer).

Dual VR v2.0 Potted Board

Dual VR v2.0 Potted with Pigtails

More information to come.


The assembled boards are available at US$45 per board plus shipping. Shipping for up to 2 boards is US$4 in North America and US$6 in Europe. This is for regular mail from Canada in a bubble envelop which means there is no insurance and no guarantee on the delivery time.
Please note that regular mail service to the US has been quite irregular. The delivery time has been from less than 2 weeks to more than 4 weeks. If this is not acceptable, you can request Xpresspost service which will speed up delivery. Contact me for details and price.

The potted version is also availble at $60 plus shipping. However, this is not kept in stock so it needs a special order and will require some time for making it. Please note that shipping will need to be in a box due to the larger size which will increase the shipping cost compared to the simple assembled board. Contact me for more details and for purchasing one.

Out of stock

You can contact me through PM on the forum where my user name is jbelanger, at the msextra forum where my user name is racingmini_mtl or by email.